Monique’s instructions eliminated my pain, When Doc couldn’t

Shoulder Injuries

I injured my rotator cuff and Monique's knowledge and motivation was integral for my healing.

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Todd P.

Torn Shoulder

I’m a young athlete, September 2018, on the weekend, I injured my shoulder so bad I couldn’t use my arm, so I went to a top Orthopedic hospital and they told me I need surgery.  They put me in a sling and didn’t help my pain.  

The next day Monique Weinandt at Personal Trainer Inc, insisted I come in for my scheduled Fitness Training appointment, and I’m so glad I did, because with in less than an hour, she Popped my shoulder back in place! Instantly it felt better!  And it still feels great.   Happy I got in to see Monique Weinandt .  And a month later when the hospital bill arrived, I sure had a hard time paying that 340.00 doctor bill, that did no good. 

 Next time, I’ll see Monique First.

     -JH Minnesota 

Dislocated Shoulder and Broken

About three years ago I broke my upper arm in two places. I had a plate and ten pins put in my arm.  Following surgery Monique tailored my training sessions to accommodate my injury so I could keep working out while I recovered. When my limitations were lifted, Monique developed workouts aimed at strength building and range of motion for my shoulder. I had an excellent team of physical therapist but after a while my doctor told me the exercises Monique and I were doing were so effective I didn’t have to attend physical therapy any longer. I believe it is because of Monique’s training program and her expertise that I have full range of motion in my shoulder and upper arm. 

I have been a client of Monique’s for approximately 6 years.  I have changed both physically and mentally as a result of working with Monique.  I have had fewer injuries because of her instruction. More importantly, she has helped me recover from injuries, some minor and some more severe.


Decades of BACK PAIN eliminated in 1 visit

January 31st, 2019.    Today I experienced the “missing link” in my decades old quest for less pain in my life.  Chiropractors left me feeling dependent on them and change was never permanent.  Physical therapists were promising but they could only take me so far.   After many years of trying diets, massage, vitamins , chiropractors ,therapists, and many thousands of dollars, I finally settled at 50 that this was my lot in life.  I had officially  given up.

  Monique did not approached to help me and if she did I  would have turned her down. We were just going to hang out in her gym. { Sounds strange but it’s been 40 below for 3  days in Minnesota.}  She asked a few questions about my back pain, asked if I could perform a warm up stretch, { I did it marginally} and  instructed me in 3 movements, that in turn, made me feel like someone hit a reset button!  It was practical too and I understood her explanation I thought to myself “ these are things I can do on my own.”  She also identified the source of pain.  The next thing I knew was that  I  experienced a successful correction!  I am comfortable and able to do things that were too painful to do 20 minutes prior. I also feel a take back mission coming .  Take back my workouts, my hope, my sleep, My enthusiasm!

It has always been that Monique is very driven.  I have watched her and how she came to be this person of exceptional knowledge and talent . Her training over many years, has all fit together, culminating  nicely like an equation  and I benefited directly from that today.   I only wish I would have asked her to help me 20 years ago.

Jennifer Kampen

KNEE PAIN quickly eliminated

Summer 2018, I was told my meniscus is thinning and given a shot in my knee, which only kept the pain away for a few weeks.  Once Monique taight me how to easily support the knee with proper easy taping, and Monique explained to me the cause of the problem, and helped me to address it,  by strengthening  the weak muscles and lengthening the tight ones to create a proper balance. I no longer need to tape it, rarely need a brace, and have noticed I can work outdoors on it all day, with out complaining. 

              -NW Minnesota 


Monique is a phenomenal coach/trainer.  She has dedicated her life to the study of fitness and the body. Her understanding of bones and muscles contributes to her ability to help her clients prevent injury during work outs.  

Helping others is a priority.   

She motivates people to do and be their best, sometimes achieving goals that seemed unattainable before.  Her commitment to others inspires those around her to do the same.

Besides being a great coach and an inspiration to others, Monique has a fun-loving personality.  She is a joy to be around. She has many interests including pets, sports, and hiking. I am so happy to know someone like Monique.  She always makes me smile and my heart warm.  


Personal Trainer Inc testimonials

Finding the Fountain of Youth


Soon to be 61 and she earns another Win!  And 5th in the Open Class at a the Mr. & Mrs Natural Minnesota IFPA Pro North American. Completely Drug Free!  Congratulations Jeannette!  

NANBF Northern States Natural Classic Bodybuilding Competition  10/20/2012  Jeannette shined like a star as she took home not one, but TWO First place Trophies and a tun of compliments & new friends!

Thank you for all you have done for me. I really am greatfull to have you as my trainer.  Your Great!!!!  Jeannette 

Jeannette Stemmer of Shakopee recently won two trophies in her first bodybuilding competition in May. Stemmer, 56, is training for a second competition in the fall. The initial goal was to get fit, but Jeannette Stemmer went further Meet Jeannette Stemmer. She’s a 56-year-old grandma with two grown children and a wonderful husband. Bornandraised in Shakopee, Stemmer has worked at Rosemount Emerson in Chanhassen for 17 years,training employees how to use the company’s equipment. She loves sewing, quilting and traveling with her husband, Pete,to classic car shows. And she’s a bodybuilder. Stemmer might not be your prototypical bodybuilder lifting weights on the sand of some California beach with the setting sun gleaming off her sweating muscles, but Stemmer has already seen some success in her training exploits, recently earning impressive honors in a state competition. “It’s just a goalI really wanted to do and I feel great,” she said. Stemmer competed at the Mr. and Mrs. Natural Minnesota Body Building Competition May 16. The competition included posing and a 60-second choreographed form routine. At age 56, Stemmer, the oldest participant at the competition, earned third place in the over-45 division and second in novice, which included competitors of every age group.  

see Jeannette on stage. “I just wanted to say I did it and I’m 56,”she said. “And I won two trophies.” What might surprise you is that Stemmer never entered a gym until turning 50. Not a self-describedathlete, Stemmer began working out casually in the hopes of getting fit.  It wasn’t until she teamed with personal trainer Monique Weinandt in fall 2006 that she got serious about her fitness. Stemmer’s later interest in exercising isn’t all that unusual, local gym trainers say. Travis Karlen, a recreation supervisor at the Shakopee Community Center, said the facility has seen a big increase in recent years of older adults coming in to work out. “I think people are a little more aware that being active and keeping active is going to prolong their health,” Karlen said. Insurance reimbursement programs are a top reason fitness clubs are seeing older adults. The Community Center, for example, offers Silver Sneakers, a fitness program for adults 65 years or older who have insurance with Medica or Humana.  Karlen said the center has about 80 seniors involved in the program. Chris Hawkinson, general manager of Gold’s Gym in Shakopee, said his club also has a seniors’ program and has seen an increase in older adults working out. As baby boomers continue to inch closer to senior status, Karlen expects to see older faces and bodies working out in the gym.  Bodybuilding Losing weight and getting fit were Stemmer’s original goal in working out with Personal Trainer Inc.'s Monique Weinandt. Then, in May 2008, Stemmer went to watch a bodybuilding competition and a new thought flickered—maybe she could be a bodybuilder. In January, she took the plunge and signed up for a competition. “It was really hard to go back from our goal because now you have to change [what you’re doing] when you wanted to weigh less,”Weinandt said. Instead of concentrating on cutting body fat, Stemmer poured all her effort into building muscle.  She focused primarily on lifting — exercises like dumbbell curls, bench presses and squats. Each day after work, Stemmer stopped at Gold’s Gym for an hour-and-a-half lifting session, often accompanied by her nephew, Tim Schmitt, and on Fridays met up with Monique Weinandt a Personal Trainer Inc. Shakopee gym. Weinandt also incorporated non-weight exercises to help prevent injuries and keep it from being boring, but most of the plan was all about reps, sets, pounds, proper form and safety. “Jeannette did everything I would ask her to do,”Weinandt said. “She pays so much attention to detail.” “I made the commitment and I wanted to be the best which I could be,” Stemmer said. The hardest part, Stemmer recalled,had nothing to do with the gym. Weinandt had Stemmer eating six to seven meals a day — “I even had to get up in the night,” she said — since building muscle speeds up metabolism. On the day before the competition, Stemmer was down to 108 pounds and 15.1 percent body fat. In order to make her muscles show the best, she dehydrated herself the day of the competition, which thins the skin and makes the muscles show. Stemmer and Weinandt recall going through a quick set of crazy of stretches backstage to get the blood pumping through the veins. Stemmer doesn’t believe she would have gone through with the competition had it not been for the support of her family, all of whom were at the competition in May. While they were a little surprised at her goal, they have been along side cheering her on all the way, she said. “I’m very proud of her,”Husband, Pete Stemmer said. “She is such an inspiration to me and countless other women to lead longer healthier lives and it’s not too late to start, ”Stemmer’s niece Tammy Shovelson of Eden Prairie said.  “I am so proud of my aunt.” Stemmer plans to compete in another bodybuilding competition in October. Not only has she lost weight and built her muscles, she’s also feeling more confident in herself having achieved the goal she set out for. “You’ve always had confidence,”Weinandt told Stemmer while the two chatted about the competition in Weinandt’s gym one recent Friday morning.  “But now you look like you’ve just blossomed... Like ‘This where I’m supposed to be.’” Kristin Holtz can be reached  at (952) 345-6678 or kholtz@

The best thing that has happened to me was meeting Monique and signing up for sessions.


My name is RoxAnn L. and this testament is in my sincerest proclamation. The best thing that has happened to me was meeting Monique and signing up for sessions.  I have been under tutelage of Monique since April 2006.  Her contributions have been instrumental to all phases of my being.  In this short time, the following is what Monique has done to my body, my mind, my heart both emotionally and strength wise, and most importantly, my life.  

I've called myself an athlete for most of my life. After working out with Monique, I now know what a dedicated professional athlete feels like. I have not competed in individual events since my College days at MSU.  Admittedly my existence has consisted of chronological mild self doubt. Now I achieve things that I did not think were possible for me both physically and mentally.  My bolstering confidence has me competing again after a 21 year absence.  

My strength is stronger, my health is healthier, my fast is faster, and my energy is more energetic than it has ever been in my adult life.The programs are innovative, challenging, extremely effective, and motivating.  I exercise more efficiently and fluidly. I improve stamina every time I work out due to Cardio and weightlifting programs tailored for me by Monique. These tailored programs along with fit tips, health information, and obtainable goal setting has compiled into amazing results.  I was taught that you do not need expensive equipment to get in a workout.  In fact, a productive, spirit lifting workout can take place almost anywhere!! I have a total commitment to working out and reaching my goals.  My persistence is a prelude to patience and radiance is what I feel from the inside out.  

To sum it up, Monique is an amazing trainer who motivates you to be your best.  Family and friends have raved about my fit look and are impressed with my abstinence from questionable dieting.  Moniques words, ideas, dedication, strategies, and vast knowledge are encouraging. One session makes my day, and working with Monique, has made my life.   

Minnesota / Florida

Monique is an AMAZING Personal Trainer…who supports you in every way possible….making you strong not only in body, but in mind…


I can hardly believe at the age of 60 I competed in my First Body Building Competition…and took home not 1 but 2 trophies !!!!!  Monique is an AMAZING Personal Trainer…who supports you in every way possible….making you strong not only in body, but in mind….I have played many sports all my life and still do (Softball, Hockey, Tennis, Golf etc…) and working out too has always been a big part of my life. I have always been in shape and have eaten good foods (fruit, veggies, fish, chicken etc…no junk food, very little sweets)…..then Menopause hit and hit hard…the next thing I knew I had gained 25 pounds (153 pounds) and was over 59% body fat. Now with Monique’s guidance and help…I have learned so much about my body and how it works and what I need to do to keep in shape (as I mature J) what works..what doesn’t work. I am VERY EXCITED to move forward working with Monique for many years to come…..and many more Competitions….and hopefully more Trophies….but this new year I will be starting off with my new body weight of 123 and 30% body fat ! THANK YOU MONIQUE for EVERYTHING you have done for me..….I feel like me again only BETTER !!!!!!Thea

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Monique listened and let me know that she understood, she even had me bring in photos of the way that I wanted to look. Then she asked me to trust her, she planned my workouts to fit MY bodys needs and my goals and told me to let her know if I was getting too bulky.


Before I met Monique, I used to run marathons and thought that running was the only way that 
I would ever be able to stay "thin".  I didnt want to weight train as I didnt want to be "bulky".  

So, I never really built any muscle.  I burned calories while running and for an hour or so 
afterwards, but never really changed my
metabolism with the balance of weight and nutrition training.  

After a few years, running so often at such long distances was starting to take a little bit of a toll on my body. Because of previous injury, my knees started to bother me, plus, I found out that I was pregnant with my first child.  While, I still ran, it was not as often nor was it the pace or distance my body was used to.  Just like every pregnant woman, I gained weight.  Once, I had my son, I did what I could, but had lost any muscle tone that I had before baby and once I finished nursing him, I actually started to gain weight.  

After one conversation with Monique, I knew that number one; she could help and number two she really WANTED to help.  I was concerned that by weight training, I would become bulky and burly.  Monique listened and let me know that she understood, she even had me bring in photos of the way that I wanted to look.  Then she asked me to trust her, she planned my workouts to fit MY bodys needs and my goals and told me to let her know if I was getting too bulky.  It has been only months and I look leaner and stronger than I ever have in my life.  

Before I met Monique, I was so confused about what I wanted to look like and what my body was capable of. Simply put, Monique gave me the knowledge and the motivation to not only change the way that I look, but more importantly the way I feel.  Her programs have relieved aches and pains that I thought were just a part of aging.  Monique helped me get to a place where I feel strong, still have the curves of a woman and knee pain.what knee pain?!!  

Thanks Monique!!

30 Year old

Wanted to look even better! Be stronger, fitter and faster. So I met with Personal Trainer Inc. And now my workouts have actually been incredible!


I am in high school and have been working out & getting great results.  But I wanted more, Wanted to look even better!  Be stronger, fitter and faster.  So I met with Personal Trainer Inc.  And now my workouts have actually been incredible!  Im gettin sore again.  I haven't been sore because of working out since I first started lifting weights...  Now my biceps have increased in  strength by an incredible amount!  Before I was doing 35lbs for 6 reps...  now I am up to  45lbs for 8 reps on concentration curls and my abs are looking a lot better, since Monique recommended for my current look, it was best to focus on my upper obliques... Same thing with my shoulders...  My Arnold Press has increased quite a lot and my overall body is looking a lot bigger, since I started my new workout plan from Personal trainer Inc. Everything has gained mass and is toning up fast... I have actualy gained 7 pounds too, like I wanted!... Havent gained weight like that in like.. Ever.   So far Thank you so much  Personal Trainer Inc.  I have seen a lot of progress over the past month and I am confident
I will see even more in the future. 


"Before & After" I cannot say enough about Monique and what an INCREDIBLE Personal Trainer she is...


May 19th 2012
Well here it is !!!! Another year later and another year older (61) and I competed in my second Body Building Competition and took home another wonderful trophy !!!! I cannot say enough about Monique and what an INCREDIBLE Personal Trainer she is. This year I was able to start training for the competition at a lesser weight and body fat % then I did the first year…..ALL due to the wonderful support and guidance from Monique…….as I stated before with Monique’s help you learn so much about your body….what works and what doesn't and what you need to do going forward in your life to maintain not ONLY a healthy body…but a healthy mind !!!!
As I also mentioned before I played many sports all my life and still play (Softball, Women’s Hockey, Golf, Tennis) and to be able to say that I am still able to hit the softball almost to the fence and in golf driving from the men’s tees and almost driving as far as the men I play golf with….is a wonderful and amazing feeling.
I also rode 100 miles (in 2 days) on my bicycle with my brother and about 300 other people to help raise money for breast cancer research.
And I accredit MUCH of this to Monique….for guiding me and showing me, how to get into to the BEST shape and stay that way……. THANK YOU MONIQUE for EVERYTHING you have done for me.

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personal check-ins and the frequent e-mails loaded with practical advise for good health and encouragement for the soul.


Monique was a great coach to me during a life transition.  She gave me a program to gainstrength, stamina, and keep my weight stable.  Her concern for me and her other clients is obvious, with personal check-ins and the frequent e-mails loaded with practical advise for good health and encouragement for the soul.   Thanks Monique! Washington, DC 54 Year old

7 Months Before & After


Thank you for all you have done for me. I really am greatfull to have you as my trainer. 
Your Great!!!! 

seeing Monique for a couple of months. Not only have I lost weight (fat) and inches, I have gained some muscle making my arms, legs and especially my back stronger. All the little aches and pains one seems to acquire at my age have diminished thanks to the stretching and workouts Monique specially designed for me.


At 59 years of age, I finally realized that I couldnt lose weight  (which appeared overnight some 10 years ago) and live a healthy live style doing it myself.  So enter  Personal Trainer Inc. I have been seeing Monique for a couple of months.  Not only have I lost weight (fat) and inches, I have gained some muscle making my arms, legs and especially my back stronger.  All the little aches and pains one seems to acquire at my age have diminished thanks to the stretching and workouts Monique specially designed for me.  Monique works with each client individually and focuses on their special needs.  She loves what she does.  Therefore, shes good at what she does.

One of my favorite things about Moniques program is that she is NOT a believer in "No Pain No Gain" theory.  When you hurt, you cant "Be Your Best".   I feel great.

59 Year old

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the best decision I have ever made. Monique has taught me that there are no good excuses for not exercising or eating right. She has pushed me farther then I ever expected.


When I was younger I was a dancer and in great shape.  However, dancing took a toll on knees and I thought I was very limited in what I could do for exercise.  Plus this was a great excuse to let myself go.  It was a year ago that I finally became disgusted with just how overweight and out shape I have become.  This is when I made the decision to seek out a personal trainer and nutritionist.  I would soon find out that this was the best decision I have ever made.

Monique has taught me that there are no good excuses for not exercising or eating right.  She has pushed me farther then I ever expected.  When I first started working out with Monique my knees were so weak I could hardly walk up the stairs without them hurting.  In less then a year of working out with Monique, not only can I do jumping jacks, I can do lunges as well.  Plus, stairs are no longer a problem for my knees too!  

In addition, Monique mixes up my exercise program often so I am never get bored.  Also, when I get tired she is always there to help motivate me to give more or push harder.  I am very thankful for Monique and I know I couldnt have done this without her!  Thanks Monique!

35 Year old

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lifting heavier than when I was in high school & still kicking the bag with power

-MN Online

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Looking & Feeling 20 years younger